Introducing: Nadia Vaeh - Naked - Lefuturewave

The talented Nadia Vaeh has released recently her new single Naked, a track which sounds amazing. I adore the quirky vocals which will enchant you in a few seconds. Beside, the melodies are well structured and know to create a unique soundscape. Furthermore, the lyrics are impressive, it is about the deeper undertones of rising ...

Nadia Vaeh Releases Her Latest offering of - A&R Factory

Nadia Vaeh's latest single "Naked" kicks off with an instantaneous blast of high-octane empowering Pop. As it unfolds, you'll be snared by plenty of lyrical hooks as you come to appreciate the up and coming artist's commandingly powerful approach to the genre.

Nadia Vaeh - Naked

Dags att ta oss till Atlanta i USA. Där hittar vi Nadia Vaeh som här är aktuell med singeln Naked. En låt om att resa sig upp igen och fortsätta även om du och andra runt dig ifrågasätter dig själv. Allt ihopkokat till en medryckande poplåt med skön puls och energi.