Nadia Vaeh (The Sfinx) is a singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia fusing southern soul with pop music. In Egyptian mythology, the Sphinx is considered a very strong and wise creature. She has always felt very cat-like and loved cats. For Nadia, The Sfinx is about stepping into her true skin, the lioness that's always been there, but through life's trials and tribulations was caged away.

Through her dreamy dark-wave sound, she aims to inspire others to do the same. 

The Sfinx grew up in a multicultural music-loving home and draws a lot of her sound from classic rock, and middle eastern music. During her teens she became drawn to pop and really dove into songwriting of her own. 

Currently, The Sfinx is working on her debut album called "Defense Mechanisms." She will be releasing 7 singles throughout 2018 prior to her full-length album targeted for late this year. She will be performing in cities such as Atlanta, Greenville, Denver, Sacramento and more this year. Don't miss a chance to see this powerful songstress take the stage!