Going into my first writing session with Rob Gedelian I don't think either of us knew that we would be leaving with this reggae-pop-rock bop. I had the opening lines come to me at a friends house the week prior but when I sat down and he played the bare bones this track started from, the rest of the riddle came to the surface.

'Yoyo' is about not learning from your mistakes often due to addictions, (bad relationships, lifestyle...whatever someone's Yoyo may be.) It talks about the cyclical reminders we receive as individuals as well as a society, for changes to be made. Often times these reminders are ignored (or erased) over and over again because truly, it is much easier to operate under what we know or we become too content behind rose colored lenses. (Sellin' us the dream; just playin' out these scenes)

In the last two lines of the hook (I wanna know; more than just this show) I declare that the blueprints for how I have been living are just not sustainable and I'm hungry for more: to not only bloom, but grow. 

I hope that this song to encourages those pushing for changes to keep pushing. For those who are afraid to make changes, realize it can start small.

Lastly, hope it gets stuck in your head and that you love it and listen to it. I also hope you tweet about it, dance to it and tell all your friends about it.

:)           https://youtu.be/mZXoHv9z5v8

Thanks for reading, watching, listening and believing in me.




Nadia Vaeh