When I began my first writing session with Rob Gedelian, I never imagined I’d end up anywhere near where I did: in the throes of a reggae-pop-rock bop. The opening lines first came to me at a friend’s house the week before, but when Rob started playing a reggae-type riff, the rest of the riddle came to the surface. What spilled out was a fun, up-tempo song that later became “Yoyo.”


Like the child’s toy, we ourselves often yo-yo back towards our guilty pleasures, our favorite addictions, and our preferred methods of self-destruction. “Yoyo” is about not learning from those mistakes, whether in our relationships, our lifestyle, or otherwise. I wanted to write something about the cyclical reminders we receive as individuals and as a society that changes are impending and necessary, and that we are the only ones who can make those changes. Often times, these reminders are ignored, erased, or simply not seen because ignorance is truly bliss. It is much easier to operate under what we know, becoming content with the repetition and rhythm of life. But such a glazing-over keeps us from seeing our own duties as individuals to make changes in our lives and in our world.


As I say in my hook, I do want to know more than just this show. So, I declare that the blueprints for how I have been living are just not sustainable. I’m hungry for more: to not only bloom, but to grow. I hope you join me on that journey, and that you too keep pushing for change. And if you’re afraid, just know it can start small. Maybe it’ll start with this song – if it gets stuck in your head and makes you smile, or puts just a little more confidence in your walk, I’ll know that I’ve done my job.


Thank you, as always, for reading, listening, watching, and for always believing in me.





Nadia VaehComment