Writing “Naked” was an emotional journey for me. Music has always been what I’ve turned to for healing and for inner peace. As a child, I traveled in a youth choir. My mother was a beautiful poet, and she nurtured my love for music. When I lost her to suicide, I was only 17. I turned away from music. I turned away from everything except things that I knew would destroy me: poor lifestyle choices, painful relationships, and what I believed most of all – that ignoring my pain would heal it.


But I was wrong. When I finally turned back to music, I was not myself. I was not anybody. I was a shell of who I once was, and not the person that I wanted to be. Due to where my spirit was, I was a perfect target to be taken advantage of as a new, starry-eyed addition to the music scene. It took me taking a risk and being vulnerable (returning to music after navigating the blocks around loss/just plain ole FEAR) and being completely betrayed and hurt to actually become stronger than ever.

It was through this experience that I found that same love for music that I had cultivated for all of my life, and with that passion and fire back inside me, I was able to continue on. I then was truly able to confront my past. And not only was I able to accept it and to move on from it, but I grew because of it artistically and personally.


“Naked” is my effort towards beautifying the sorrows of life. Words are like spells. Even if all you’re left with is rubbish, make that trash into beautiful art. But chances are, there’s much more value in the hardships we face than we may realize. Music helps me find the answers that I want, but more importantly, music allows me to recognize that the answers were always somewhere within me.


I hope you find similar peace. You are stronger than you know<3





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