“Mirrors” is a song that is very close and personal to me. I’d love to take a minute to recognize the hard work that went into creating “Mirrors,” including the music production by Bugsy Blue out of my hometown, Atlanta, Georgia. I would also like to thank Christopher J. Bloom from Denver, Colorado for his production work. This song was mixed and mastered by my main producer, Tyler Spratt.


I took a bit of a different turn with this song. Whereas most of my newer tunes have been more confident, upbeat, and powerful as I work towards my healing journey, this one was more reflective, like a mirror itself. I took this opportunity to lay out everything that was going through my mind, to sort through my own emotions, and to try to make sense of what seemed like endless heartbreak. This song was written with the immediate aftermath of a broken relationship in mind, that fresh, raw wound of heartbreak when everything still stings. Reflecting on this, I was able to see both what I wanted and what I did not want in my partner, as well as what I needed from myself and where my own mistakes were made. I picture two lovers folded into one another, but each with only half of their body; they thus become one person, but with only half of themselves, dependent on each other yet not inherently whole individually.


Thus, this song became a step towards my overall healing journey, another stepping stone in the commitment towards becoming stronger. I want “Mirrors” to resonate with anyone who has experienced codependency in any form, which I presume is many. Whether we date someone with those traits, carry these characteristics ourselves, or both of the above, we all play the same game: love. We all have that undying need to love and to be loved in return.


I think this might be something you all could relate to. I hope it brings you some comfort if nothing else. Find that strength to do you, if its what you need. I promise, it’s in there:)





Nadia VaehComment